Qui Yasuka A.K.A. Suki Baby: The Cover Girl On Drake’s Album ‘HER LOSS’?

Who Is Qui Yasuka A.K.A. Suki Baby: The Cover Girl On Drake’s Album ‘HER LOSS’?

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Qui Yasuka is blowing up the internet and social media platform. People have been wondering about the identity of the woman shown on Drake and Savage 21’s album cover image with Qui Yasuka since it was revealed; some have even confused her for reality TV personality Sukihana.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Continue reading to find out more about Yasuka’s Net Worth, Age, Personal Life & Bio, and Other Facts.

What Is Drake’s New Album HER LOSS About?

Drake’s latest album, HER LOSS, featured a cover image of a woman with two gold teeth, long, wispy lashes, and perfectly coiffed baby hair. Many people were intrigued about who she was and how she became the face of the rap project alongside the two giants.

Quiana Yasuka, popularly known as Suki Baby, is the woman on the cover of Drake’s latest album. Although Yasuka was born in North Carolina, she spent the majority of her childhood there. Her ancestors are Japanese, Black, and Cherokee. In Houston, she works as an adult dancer under the name Suki. She also owns and operates a nail business. Qui Yasuka is roughly 24 years old.

According to the photographer, Paris Aden, Drake spotted the photo and asked if he could use it for the album. Aden feels it was her profile picture, and Drake was undoubtedly smitten by what he saw.”

Qui Yasuka (Suki Baby) Net Worth 2022

Her OnlyFans subscriptions cost $25 per month, and Qui Yasuka presently has over 2.6k likes on the platform. According to these figures, she should make $780,000 each year.

She also has a twitch account with over 1.5k users, which brings in roughly $50,000 each year. She also has a YouTube channel with fewer than 2,000 followers. As a result, she’s probably not making much money from it.

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However, they are not her only sources of money; she is also an exotic dancer and the owner of a nail salon. In the United States, the average exotic dancer earns around $40,000 per year, whereas well-established nail salons earn around $575,000 per year.

Furthermore, she is a well-known model, which implies she most likely gets a substantial money from her projects each year.

Taking all of this into account, Qui Yasuka’s (Suki Baby’s) net worth in 2022 is at least $2,000,000 at the time of writing. However, now that she has appeared on the cover of Drake & Savage 21’s album, these figures are bound to skyrocket.

Suki Baby also intends to start her own retail store as well as an NFT on OpenSea.

Personal Life and Biography of Qui Yasuka (Suki Baby)

Suki Baby (Quiana Yasuka) has nearly 30,000 Instagram followers, where she publishes photographs from photo shoots, and over 91,000 Twitter followers, where she goes by the handle Bankroll Freakho.

She is also a good 3D design artist. Suki stated in one of her August 2022 Tweets that she began drawing and 3D designing in high school.

qui yasuka

She first started doing nails as a high school student. Suki added that she is also interested in grills and jewellery created from teeth, and that she has books on the anatomy of the teeth to understand more about how the human mouth works and how grills are made. Prints of her photographs are also available for purchase.

She dropped out of college and “continued to dance” to pay her bills after returning from Japan a few years ago. She expressed excitement about returning to school to get a degree in art and design.

Well she now has a lot of heads spinning and people are going crazy on the internet to find out more about her.

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