Why interfacing capital with organizations to shape a greener, more comprehensive tomorrow is an information play

COP26 saw some significant declarations around environment finance. The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero resolved to cut the emanations from its loaning and contributing to zero by 2050. The International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation dispatched a drive to build up steady environment exposure norms for monetary business sectors. These are only two models.

Clearly moving the economy from petroleum derivatives to clean wellsprings of energy requires a huge redistribution of capital. As Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, brought up during Finance Day at COP26:

“Financial backers need to have as much lucidity and trust in the environment effect of their speculations as they do in the conventional monetary measurements of benefit and misfortune.”

For business pioneers, unmistakably there’s strain to move forward their associations’ green endeavors and assist with ensuring the planet for people in the future. In any case, there’s another strain being felt. Pioneers in each area – including monetary administrations – progressively understand that reason and productivity are entwined.

Shoppers progressively expect ecological and cultural activity from brands they purchase and will pay to be greener. Organizations are putting ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) norms up front while arranging associations and provider bargains. To some degree because of developing strain from partners and controllers – with the EU expecting undertakings to consistently investigate ESG exercises. Yet additionally in light of chance: the EU’s Green Deal is activating €1 trillion in investments to support advanced drives that wed supportability endeavors with monetary development in the coming decade. This year alone, the European Commission intends to bring €250 billion up in green obligation as a feature of its COVID-19 alleviation bundle.

ESG is presently a board-level need, and organizations that evidently finish with their responsibilities will foster an upper hand. Exploration from Bank of America shows ESG speculation systems outflanked by 5 to 10 rate focuses in Europe and the US.

For business pioneers, unmistakably there’s strain to move forward their associations’ green endeavors and assist with ensuring the planet for people in the future. In any case, there’s another strain being felt. Pioneers in each area – including monetary administrations – progressively understand that reason and productivity are entwined.

Shoppers progressively expect ecological and cultural activity from brands they purchase and will pay to be greener. Organizations are putting ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) norms up front while arranging associations and provider bargains. To some degree because of developing strain from partners and controllers – with the EU expecting undertakings to consistently investigate ESG exercises. Yet additionally in light of chance: the EU’s Green Deal is activating €1 trillion in investments to support advanced drives that wed supportability endeavors with monetary development in the coming decade. This year alone, the European Commission intends to bring €250 billion up in green obligation as a feature of its COVID-19 alleviation bundle.

ESG is presently a board-level need, and organizations that evidently finish with their responsibilities will foster an upper hand. Exploration from Bank of America shows ESG speculation systems outflanked by 5 to 10 rate focuses in Europe and the US.

Notwithstanding, as the ESG market develops, the issue of estimation is ending up a critical problem area.

In contrast to estimating and revealing monetary execution, there is an absence of clear cross-area principles for ESG announcing. All things being equal, ESG-related information frequently comes from self-unveiled yearly maintainability or quarterly information sellers’ reports and rankings.

Accordingly, associations like the World Economic Forum and the International Business Council (a local area of 120+ worldwide CEOs) have assumed the reason for making normal measurements for ESG revealing. The as of late set pronouncement free from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development features the direness of resolving this issue.

“Organizations are now teaming up to address the information straightforwardness and coordination challenge… But more work is expected to share exhaustive outflows information [and] set clear acquisition principles to advance decarbonization through the inventory network… ” – World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Further, the Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) as of late distributed a report empowering national banks and administrators to fuse situation investigation to all the more likely comprehend the monetary and monetary dangers from environmental change.

At last, assuming monetary administrations firms fence their wagers, it implies less interest in the green change endeavors we by and large need. Furthermore, without dependable, discoverable information, monetary organizations and dealers can’t adequately find the most encouraging ESG venture openings; this can frustrate financial development just as ecological and social advancement.

Male architect using futuristic digital tablet while sitting by desk
Business man in modern office looking at futuristic screen with emerging green network and architectural plan of sustainable house and wind turbines

Getting the house all together: the significance of information the board

The capacity to record, report and activity ESG related information will be an excursion for every association. There is nobody set way. What’s significant for organizations to think about is the way information is caught and estimated — not exclusively to direct their inside ESG endeavors, yet to guarantee straightforwardness with outside partners also, regardless of whether accomplices, clients or financial backers. It’s vital to contemplate the ‘S’ and ‘G’ as well – catching information around maintainability as well as the all out effect of an association’s endeavors to act morally and advance cultural objectives.

Moving to the cloud is a crucial stage for having the option to catch and store inner and outside information, both organized and unstructured. Factors being estimated may incorporate immediate and backhanded fossil fuel byproducts, natural substances obtaining and squander the board to working environment pay value and variety. Further, AI and AI play significant parts to play in robotizing information catch and examination. This is the reason we see UK bank NatWest Group working with its business clients to convey AI apparatuses to all the more likely comprehend their carbon impression, the impression of their accomplice organizations, and make custom fitted activity plans.

NatWest CEO, Alison Rose said: “Handling environmental change is perhaps the greatest test within recent memory. As the main bank in the UK for organizations, we have a critical obligation, and the capacity, to empower, empower and to lead the way in the UK to progress to a net zero carbon economy.

Utilizing information to make altogether new plans of action – opening income while decreasing CO2

Having the option to utilize information to certainly cover ESG assembles entrust with each key partner, from workers to financial backers. But at the same time it’s invigorating to see that the shift to turning into an information driven association is making totally new plans of action that drive income while diminishing CO2 emanations.

Netherland’s Rabobank made a stage that allows ranchers to gauge the amount CO2 they produce and what amount has been sequestered – with the assistance of remote satellite detecting and AI calculations. Assuming the ranch has sequestered more CO2 than it has delivered, the delta can be offered to organizations expecting to counterbalance their own CO2 emanations. The objective is to get more than 1,000,000 homesteads onto the stage. As of now, the ranchers are seeing advantages. The undertaking has decreased fossil fuel byproducts through better soil, compost and wastewater the board. Additionally, the undertaking has empowered ranchers to build quality and consistency of their produce. Efficiency of taking part cultivates went up by 15-20% more than three years. Pay has expanded by 20%.

Flowe, an Italian fintech startup constructed a portable application focusing on millennial clients by training them on the best way to carry on with all the more harmless to the ecosystem lives. Ivan Mazzoleni, Cultural Energy Orchestrator at Flowe noticed: “At Flowe, we are advancing a totally new efficient worldview. We are considering it the ‘better-being economy,’ in which individual improvement is completely lined up with generally speaking improvement — the improvement of society, and of the climate.”

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Solvay Ventures, the funding asset of Solvay, put resources into Sepion, a California-based beginning up that has some expertise in cutting edge layers for batteries with Li-metal anodes and fluid electrolytes. The $16-million financing round was driven by Fine Structure Ventures, and furthermore incorporates other environment tech financial backers.

Sepion raised assets to speed up commercialization of lithium metal batteries for long-reach and minimal expense electric vehicles.

Li-metal batteries empower high energy thickness and are unequivocally pursued answers for the electric vehicles market. Nonetheless, the development of dendrites can make the batteries fall flat and keeps them from having long life cycles. Sepion’s innovation, which depends on an imaginative polymeric film, forestalls the development of dendrites.

Sepion’s innovation can be promptly taken on as it use the current Li-particle fabricating framework and fluid electrolytes. As a forerunner in Li-particle electrolyte added substances, Solvay gives a reciprocal ability to Sepion’s center innovation.

This is exactly the mission of our battery platform and by investing in Sepion’s technology, we are progressing in our journey to enable safer, more performing and more sustainable batteries.

—Mike Finelli, President of Growth Initiatives at Solvay

With the help of the ARPA-E IONICS (prior post) and CalSEED programs, Sepion has fostered a nano-permeable polymer film that works on the exhibition of lithium metal anodes, promising a 40% expansion in EV range, a 20% decrease in cost, and further developed security.

Sepion’s present item, a lithium-cathode sub-get together (LESA) comprising of the layer and lithium metal anode, is intended to coordinate with existing lithium-particle producing framework bringing the boundary down to advertise reception.

This coordination is refined with a crossover lithium metal cell plan in which a strong lithium metal anode, ensured by Sepion’s film, is combined with a customary metal oxide cathode and fluid electrolyte. This would empower a current Gigafactory to turn into a 1.4-overlap Gigafactory essentially by changing to Sepion’s LESA part and cell plan.

In March, the California Energy Commission granted Sepion a $1.4-million award to propel the improvement of its protected sans anode crossover lithium-metal cells from a lab-scale approval to a pre-model. This undertaking, which goes through March 2024, will upgrade two key parts—the electrolyte and current gatherer, that intensely impact the security, cycle life, quick charge abilities, and cost of completed lithium-metal batteries.


Cooperative energies between Sepion’s film and the upgraded electrolyte will additionally separate cross breed lithium-metal cells emerging from this program and hoist the full cell plan from innovation availability level (TRL) 4 to TRL 6.

Sepion will create and approve model lithium-metal cells with driving car producers.

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Windows into what matters the most

Here are eleven Windows 11 Widgets everyone should explore and enjoy. Listed in alphabetical order because we could never pick a favorite.

The Calendar Widget showing appointments

1. Calendar: Never miss a beat

Whether you need to schedule future appointments, check upcoming events, or just plan your day, the Calendar Widget lets you check in and glance ahead, so you never miss a beat.

The Entertainment Widget showing a featured movie

2. Entertainment: Enjoy the show

Your shows, new shows, shows you should be watching, movies, and more—the Entertainment Widget gives you a friendly and informative alert when they’ve been released in the Microsoft Store.

The Esports Widget showing scheduled games

3. Esports: Keep your head in the game

Curious to see who’s competing next or which team won the match of the moment? The Esports Widget makes it easy for fans, spectators, and Esports newbies to see all recent matches.

The Photos Widget showing saved images

4. Photos: Relive your magical memories

Whether you want to share pictures from a recent trip with colleagues, or just keep a few precious photos of your kids close by during the workday, the Photos Widget cycles through photos and images you’ve saved to OneDrive or other photo sharing accounts.

The Sports Widget showing a scheduled MLB game

5. Sports: Keep an eye on your teams

From current scores and recent results to other highlights, the Sports Widget keeps you updated in real time. Personalize it by changing yours to show your favorite leagues and teams.

The Tips Widget showing

6. Tips: Get helpful computer advice

Curious about your computer’s capabilities? The Tips Widget provides brief advice on all things Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge. Learn as you go, with bite-sized amounts of information.

The To Do Widget showing the items for the day

7. To Do: Stay on top of things

Easily create a list of tasks, be reminded of them in an intuitive way, and mark them off your list as they’re completed. The To Do Widget helps keep you on point throughout the day—like having your own personal assistant built right into your device.

The Traffic Widget showing a specific route

8. Traffic: Plan your route

Whether you’re commuting, running errands, or picking up the kids, get a quick look at traffic conditions with the Traffic Widget to help plan your route.

The Watchlist Widget showing certain stocks

9. Watchlist: Follow the stock market

Looking to start following the market? The Watchlist Widget monitors stock values throughout the day. And, just like the Sports Widget, you can make it yours by customizing which stocks appear.

The Weather Widget showing the weather forecast

10. Weather: Stay warm and dry

Need to know whether to bring a coat, hat, umbrella, or just yourself? The Weather Widget shares real-time weather conditions in your area, as well as the forecast for the following three days.

The Top Stories Widget showing a news headline

11. Top Stories: Get the news when you want

And last but certainly not least, stay up to date with recent news with the Top Stories Widget. This hard-working Widget aggregates headlines from a range of news sources so the latest news is always at your fingertips.

And that’s the word on Widgets

Whether it’s the latest weather forecast, basketball score, an upcoming appointment, or a breaking news article, Widgets magically keep tabs on the topics that matter most to you. Don’t have Windows 11 yet? Look into upgrading today so you can take advantage of all these wonderful Widgets.

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Swimming with the Big Boys

The creation prepared 2023 Fisker Ocean appeared at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show to an intrigued gathering of industry insiders and columnists. Henrik Fisker uncovered his arrangements to stir up the electric SUV classification with the all-new, all-electric Ocean. This five-traveler SUV offers some fascinating innovation and a beginning value that will make the contenders pay heed.

The 2023 Fisker Ocean will offer electric vehicle purchasers decisions, albeit the vast majority of the specs are assesses now


Fisker Ocean One (Launch Edition: 5,000 Units)

Henrik and his new namesake
Henrik and his new namesake

350-mile driving range (est.)

All-wheel drive

Dual motor, 550 horsepower (est. hp)

0-60 mph: 3.6 seconds (est.)

Lithium nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) battery

4,000-pound tow rating

$68,999 plus the destination charge, which has not been released

Fisker Ocean Sport

250-mile driving range

Front-wheel drive

Single motor, 275 hp

0-60 mph: 6.9 seconds

Lithium-ion phosphate battery (LFP)

2,040 pound tow rating

$37,499 plus the destination charge

Fisker Ocean Ultra

2023 Fisker Ocean


The rear has room

340-mile driving range

All-wheel drive

Dual motor, 540 hp

0-60 mph: 3.9 seconds

NMC battery

4,000-pound tow rating

$49,999 plus the destination charge

Fisker Ocean Extreme

2023 Fisker Ocean


A solar boost from the roof

350-mile driving range

All-wheel drive

Dual motor, 550 hp

0-60 mph: 3.6 seconds

NMC battery

4,000-pound tow rating

$68,999 plus the destination charge

2023 Fisker Ocean


Now it’s a waiting game

Technology and Charging

Developing its own driver assist system (ADAS), Fisker Intelligent Pilot is a suite of proactive automated electronic sensors and software processors that anticipate and prevent accidents. The list of safety systems is quite extensive; the proprietary safety system utilizes radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras.

Charging speeds have not been released, but Fisker did say the Ocean will be able to charge at 250 kilowatt speeds. As with all battery electric vehicles, expect three plug-in options plus regenerative braking to fill the battery. The top trim levels of Ocean Extreme and Ocean One will be equipped with the SolarSky roof, which Fisker estimates could supply annually up-to 2,000 miles of driving range through solar charging that feeds the battery. The actual number will be determined if you live in a sunny area and park outside all day. Fisker has also partnered with Electrify America to include a yet-to-be announced amount of complimentary charging.

The Fisker Ocean is also a power source. It will have the ability to directly recharge other electric vehicles, send power back into the grid, and act as a backup power source for a home.

The Ocean will come with four drive modes–Earth, Fun, Hyper and Off-road–depending on which model you get. The aluminum chassis and steel-bodied Ocean will have electric power steering, and Smart Traction, Fisker’s version of torque vectoring.

2023 Fisker Ocean


The usual smooth EV front

Ocean Design

To no one’s surprise, the Ocean looks great. Company CEO and founder Henrik Fisker has had a hand in designing the BMW Z8, the Aston Martin DB9 and the V8 Vantage, and the Fisker Karma. A key design element is the rear quarter panel and the small Doggie Power Window. With the push of a button you enter California Mode, where the sliding panoramic glass roof, rear lift back window, and the Doggie Windows all open, making the Ocean nearly a convertible.

Available in seven exterior colors, the sleek front and rear ends have the narrowest of narrow LED lighting treatments, mere slits for most of the design. The wheels, shod with eco-designed Bridgestone tires, are either 20-inch or 22-inch, with a few designs to choose from.

Inside, the interior is fully vegan, using recycled materials, from fishing nets, t-shirts and rubber, according to Fisker. Three can fit in the rear seat, where they can control the audio and climate systems.

The 17.1-inch high-resolution Revolve screen rotates from a default vertical position when driving, to landscape or “Hollywood” mode when the Ocean is parked. Watching videos will never be the same, Fisker said because the video will be supported by a premium sound system with 16 speakers, a subwoofer and 500 watts.

Observations: 2023 Fisker Ocean

Clean Fleet Report has found, after driving many electric vehicles for thousands of miles, that once you make the leap (which isn’t all that big anymore) into eschewing gasoline to propel your car, SUV or truck, you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

The entry-level 2023 Fisker Ocean is so well-priced (under $30,000 after tax credits and/or incentives) for an electric SUV getting 250+ miles of driving range, the only thing left is seeing it in people’s driveways a year from now. Make no mistake, the competition for the Fisker Ocean is already stout and getting stronger, as the Mustang Mach-E, Volkswagen ID4, Chevrolet Bolt EUV, Tesla Model Y are already available and the Toyota BZ4X, Subaru Solterra and Nissan Ariya are coming next year as well, plus many more are getting ready to come to market in the next two or three years. It’s going to make this an exciting time for consumers wanting to go electric.

2023 Fisker Ocean


Style right down to the tail lights

The question is: Will consumers wait a full year for an electric SUV from a company they have never heard of?

Things are getting interesting, folks. The pandemic created an opportunity for automobile manufacturers to get serious about designing and producing all-new, all-electric vehicles. Expect in the next few years to see at least 50 new models being released for sale. This is a monumental moment for the auto industry, with the consumer and the environment being the winners.

To get your name on the reservation list, you will need to lay out a refundable $250 deposit to get in line to purchase or lease the Ocean. The Fisker Flexee Lease, $2,999 down and $379 per month, has no contract. Your Ocean will be delivered directly to your door–or if there is one near you, at a Fisker delivery center. The Ocean comes with a 30,000-mile annual driving allowance and can be returned at any time.

Fisker says if an Ocean is returned, it will be refurbished and leased again. This process will go on for up to 12 years, at which point the entire Ocean will be recycled. As we said in the opening sentence, Fisker is planning on shaking things up in the electric SUV market.

Make sure to opt-in to the Clean Fleet Report newsletter (top right of page) to be notified of all new stories and vehicle reviews.

Story by John Faulkner. Photos by Lex Adams and John Faulkner.

The Big Boys Who Are Jumping Into the Same Water

News: 2023 Nissan Ariya

News: 2023 Subaru Solterra

News: 2023 Toyota BZ4X


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The broadness of data accessible online can both be useful and baffling when you’re searching for data. Over and over again we spend quite a while navigating to and perusing various pages, just to find, for instance, that the source is excessively scholastic and itemized to traverse rapidly or doesn’t exactly contain what the page title recommends.

That is the reason we’re energized today to report Page bits of knowledge on the Microsoft Bing query items page, which gives a summed up experiences from a page on your indexed lists so you can track down the thing you’re searching for quicker.

For instance, envision you’re interested with regards to Mars and space investigation, yet don’t have a particular inquiry as a main priority. Search “Mars mission NASA” and drift over the light symbol for a promising-looking connection. You’ll get a Page experiences sheet that assists you with checking that the source is pertinent to your necessities, assists you with raising got to an acceptable level initially on top tidbits you didn’t know about, and allows you to hop directly to the applicable part of the page when you click ‘Read more’ for a particular inquiry. You can likewise see more web brings about the ‘Investigate more’ segment, which you can use as a bouncing off point for more investigation.


Or then again, we should envision you have a particular inquiry – you need a more profound comprehension of the development of the nearby planet group’s space rock belt, yet aren’t keen on different realities about it. Basically look for “space rock belt”, float over the Page experiences light symbol for the top outcome, and you’ll see that the page being referred to resolves your inquiry exhaustively. Snap the ‘Read more’ button and you’ll consequently be dropped onto the piece of the page that talks about your inquiry exhaustively.


Together these updates assist with illuminating you in advance, so you can save time by just navigating to a pages with a high probability of being applicable to what exactly you’re searching for. Page bits of knowledge is accessible on work area just, because of the screen size needed to appropriately show the outcomes, and are right now accessible in our top English-talking markets with more not far off.

We trust you’re as invigorated by this update as we are, and in every case kindly leave considerations in the ‘Criticism’ bubble at the base right corner of Bing.com pages.

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It’s 2022 already in the world of automotive enthusiasts, and Hyundai just raced ahead of the pack by nailing down the German Car of the Year award for its Ioniq 5 electric car. That’s a giant feather in the cap for the car maker, which has faced its share of criticism over the years. Now all of a sudden here it is pitching — and winning — a compact electric vehicle while other car makers have been tripping over themselves for slot in the larger SUV market. Go figure!

2022 German Car Of The Year Award For The Hyundai Ionic 5 Electric Car

It sure looks like all those other car makers who wrote off compacts in favor of larger vehicles will have to take a second look at the electric car market.

Hyundai didn’t waste any time tooting its own horn over its newly minted 2022 German Car of the Year award.

The award notification came down barely six months after Hyundai first launched the Ioniq 5 in Germany, billed as a fully-electric midsize compact utility vehicle.

The Ioniq 5 went head to head against other competitors in five categories including “New Energy,” which gave it the edge on winning the overall 2022 prize.

Hyundai cites Jens Meiners, founder and jury member of the German Car of the Year awards, who said that “IONIQ 5’s unique combination of design, efficiency, and driving pleasure helped the car earn above-average scores across all criteria without showing any weak spots.”

“In our eyes, IONIQ 5’s operating concept and battery technology are ground-breaking,” Meiners added.

For the record, Jens Meiners is a contributing editor to Car and Driver. Based in the US and Germany, he has covered the auto industry ever since GM dipped a toe in the EV waters in the 1990s, so getting the words “unique” and “groundbreaking” to tumble from his pen is quite an achievement.

“This victory shows that battery electric vehicles are becoming more relevant for our customers in Europe. The IONIQ 5 currently is the leading model in our electrification strategy and further driving Hyundai’s vision of zero-emission mobility,” agreed Hyundai Motor Europe CEO and President Michael Cole.

What Is This Ioniq 5 Of Which You Speak?

It looks like the Ioniq electric car line is catching on here in the US, too. Tesla sightings have become a dime a dozen, so you know something must be up when multiples of any other electric car pop onto the radar around your local roadways within the span of a few days.

Based on those sightings it appears that the Ioniq line already has fans in the New York – New Jersey metro area.

If nobody is selling the Ioniq 5 in your area yet, you can still get a great up-close look by going over to your movie theater and checking out the electric car’s featured role in Spiderman: No Way Home, which is set to unspool beginning on December 17.

As for the specs, Hyundai explains that “Customers can select between two battery pack options – 58 kWh or 72.6 kWh – and all-wheel or rear-wheel drive.”

“The rear-wheel drive and 72.6-kWh version features a maximum driving range of 481 kilometres on a single charge, according to WLTP,” they add, noting that either way, you can charge from 10% to 80% in a mere 18 minutes at a fast charging station.

The Multi-Modal Electric Car Of The Future

Hyundai almost buried the lede in all that excitement over battery range and charging times, though it finally did get to the point.

“Customers can use the Vehicle to Load (V2L) technology to charge any electronic device while driving or parked, such as laptops or e-scooters.”

Did they just say what we think they just said? Yes, they did. The reference to laptops indicates an awareness that the electric vehicle of the future is basically a large energy storage device on wheels, which can serve as an extension of the home or office and also provide for resiliency in case of a power outage.

The e-scooter thing is especially interesting because it also applies to e-bikes and other small personal mobility devices. As much as we love the electric car, let’s face the facts. All cars contribute to urban congestion, and they suck up raw materials to a far greater extent than smaller vehicles like e-scooters and e-bikes. If the car-plus-scooter (or bike) model can replace the two-car household, so much the better.

The e-bike trend is catching on like wildfire (see some of our reviews herehere, and here), so hooking up your pitch for electric cars with two-wheeled zero emission mobility is a smart move.

Hyundai already anticipated the trend back in 2019 when it introduced a new e-scooter that fits into a special compartment in its vehicles, though this particular scooter appears to be designed for very young, very fit individuals who can balance on a very small platform, which is not too difficult on a newly paved bike path but can be challenging to navigate over manhole covers, potholes and cobblestones. It will be interesting to see if and when Hyundai gets around to designing e-bikes that can fit into special compartments, too.

In the meantime, Hyundai has hooked its steelmaking division into the electric bike sharing market with H-bike. The pilot program also includes re-purposing spent batteries from hybrid electric cars.

Hyundai & The Wide World Of Vehicle Electrification

Circling back around to the Ioniq 5, Hyundai is covering all the bases by including two years of complimentary access to the Electrify America fast charging station network, which already includes almost 700 stations practically everywhere in the US.

In the meantime, Hyundai has also not given up on its pursuit of the elusive fuel cell electric vehicle unicorn. Tempting individual car buyers into a fuel cell electric car has proved to be a struggle, and it is getting more difficult by the day as battery-electric technology improves, costs come down, and charging times come down, too. As with other leading automakers like Volvo, Hyundai appears to be plumbing the heavy duty trucking and off-road sectors for fuel cell business over the near term.

In an interesting twist, the fuel cell market could help accelerate the build-out of the global battery-electric vehicle charging station network. That’s because the growing interest in fuel cells has rippled into an explosive growth in the green hydrogen market, which deploys renewable energy to produce hydrogen from renewable resources including water, biogas, wastewater, and plastic waste.

The use of renewable energy and resources to decarbonize the fuel cell sector brings up the potential for throwing down EV charging stations in remote areas, without the need to build new transmission wires and other electrical infrastructure.

The Extreme-E electric vehicle racing circuit is among the first to catch onto the idea of recharging a battery-electric vehicle at a remote charging station powered by a fuel cell with green hydrogen. The big question is why not just hook an array of batteries into your remote electric car charger. If you have any thoughts on that, drop us a note in the comment thread.

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In the few years since TJ Lee left everything behind to travel the world – and share her adventures with an ever-growing number of online fans – with only a carry-on suitcase and a backpack, she’s learned a lot.

The first year she worked entirely remotely and took on all sorts of freelance gigs to make money: social media management, photo headshots and building websites. But she spent days working on videos – only to be disappointed in the number of views they got. She’d get free products and experiences in exchange for making videos about them – but they’d end up taking much more time than the value of the things she got.

Then, by more trial and error, she realized she could do a better job of getting paid to pursue her passions of traveling and food vlogging.

Four years later, she’s built a following of almost half a million on various platforms – including YouTube and TikTok – generating a consistent array of videos and brand-sponsored social media posts. Among the many companies she works with is Razer, which recently provided her with a new Windows 11 laptop as one of its brand ambassadors.

On her site, she created a “vlogger academy” to help others with lessons she learned as a full-time influencer (though for now, she’s taking a break from coaching).

“When I became an actual content creator, it was a totally different world,” says Lee, who grew up in southern California, graduated from University of California, Davis and worked 15-hour days for a time doing community management for a San Francisco-based tech company. But she wanted to work remotely, see more of the world and more of her family in Taiwan. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy. “Being a freelancer, you have to run your own schedule, you have to do everything and you don’t have health insurance.”

Her academy included: a three-month set of custom courses that has personalized YouTube strategies, one on one coaching, accountability sessions, pitch scripts for paid collaborations and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. She knows it’s a tempting but tough road for most people and there are plenty of hurdles.

A woman sits on a bench outside while using a laptop
TJ Lee working on her Razer Book Quartz outside on a bench. (Photo by Lucas Huang.)

“You’ve got to be able to manage your own schedule and be able to figure out all the different moving pieces,” she says. “You’re the marketer. You’re the editor. You’re the producer, the director, you’re everything. And being able to take on all of those roles requires a learning curve. And it requires time. I tell people, try to take it slow and try to figure this out. To do this full time – and do it right – takes longer than you think and it takes much more work than you think. It’s a lot harder than you think. But you’re planting all the seeds. You can’t give up because you’re not going to see all the efforts bloom right away, so just keep going on.”

Now based in New York City, she had to switch up her own strategy of focusing on travel and eating out when the 2020 lockdowns made that impossible. She had moved there to pursue another dream: acting. She’s taking classes and has landed several roles, including one on a long-running crime procedural.

Woman sits smiling next to recording equipment
TJ Lee working on her phone. (Photo by TJ Lee)

“I was really shy and so I did theater to get over it,” says Lee, who has clearly overcome any discomfort in front of the camera. “I actually double majored in political science and dramatic arts, but I had to drop dramatic arts because my parents didn’t want me to be an actor. It wasn’t a career that they could see me in. And back then we didn’t have so many Asian Americans in films.”

But she was by herself in the city during a pandemic and homesick for her family in Taiwan, where she was born.

“Cooking food and making dishes that I grew up with was kind of a comfort thing for me,” Lee says. “And that’s actually how I started learning how to cook, during quarantine.”

So that led to several short videos about those cooking techniques and reviewing grocery staples, and some longer videos checking out dining options. Some of those videos can run close to a half hour – but that kind of content also comes with a plan.

“I love to do listicles, so if I tell my viewers I’m going to five different spots, they’re following along to hit five out of five spots,” she says. Or, she’ll work with a three-meal format that also retains viewers. “Not only do you have to create the content, but you also have to create different types of content for different platforms.”

So, for her, the work is constant.

This means filming and editing her creations as well as prep work and scripting. Then there are the administrative tasks, pairing with the right brands to be able to fund it all. And on top of all that, she’s a stickler for engaging with fans.

“Without them, you’re not here,” she says.

She finds that a big help – especially while she’s out and about, which is happening more again – is her Razer Book Quartz.

Woman smiles while looking at her laptop
TJ Lee working on her Razer Book Quartz. (Photo by Lucas Huang)

“It’s so portable and it’s so beautiful, probably the prettiest laptop I’ve ever had,” she says. “The keyboard lights up. The battery never seems to die.” And she’s not just using it for work – she loves the quality of the screen so much she watches all her shows on the laptop.

For her, having a touchscreen is something new, and something she’s using a lot with Windows 11, particularly with one of its new features: widgets.

“I can see my calendar for the week and my to-do’s all right there. So that’s been a really cool feature to have and I can just swipe it with my fingers,” says Lee, who’s also been using snap layouts to organize her tabs and OneDrive to upload all her photos, which also pops up immediately on her phone – something that happens quickly.

That pace is nothing new for Lee.

“Every single day is like the wild wild west. I don’t know what’s going to happen today or tomorrow. You are working for yourself and for your dreams and there’s nothing more empowering,” she says. “I will say this, though: it’s harder and more exhausting than any job I’ve ever had before, but also more fulfilling to be able to do what you love and share it with the world.”

Lead photo by Daniel Nguyen.

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Here we report on a recent crash involving a Tesla Model S that fell off a cliff left the car in pieces and totally destroyed, yet the occupant suffered only a few minor scratches. Even more impressive, the battery appears to have remained intact or mostly intact, as no fire damage is seen at the scene.

The incident, which occurred in Puerto Rico, was first reported on Twitter with the following info:

Model S P90D accident in Puerto Rico. Car fell through a cliff. Driver walked out alive with only an arm scratch. Happened yesterday. Thanks @elonmusk
for your innovative safety features!


To us, it looks as though the car was later cut apart, perhaps in an effort to recover it from the area in which it landed or maybe as part of the emergency response to get the driver out of the car. It’s not clear as to why the vehicle has been dismantled so much, but the fact that the driver walked away with only a scratch is a testament to the ultimate goal of leading the way in terms of safety for every one of its cars at Tesla.

And here’s another image from the scene:


Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has often said that each and every Tesla is among the safest in its class and crash tests have proven this right on many occasions. Some tests have even found Teslas to be the safest vehicles on the road and in an instance such as this, where a car flies off a cliff, safety is certainly challenged and in this instance, the Model S was up to the task of protecting its occupant, despite the horrendous carnage to the car.

It’s safe to say that the car is totalled, yet somehow the driver escaped with just a scratch. That in itself it close to a miracle, we think. Safety has always been a priority at Tesla and each of the 4 vehicles it currently produces have been tested by various agencies and have been found to be among the safest vehicles on the road, and this should be something to consider when buying your next car.

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It is no secret the Microsoft Maps team partners with world builders from the video game industry to create experiences like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (https://www.flightsimulator.com/). Microsoft takes petabytes of high-definition aerial imagery from specialized cameras and feeds them into a specialized Azure pipeline to automatically create detailed, fully textured, 3D models. This rich 3D data is used to power multiple applications which let you experience our planet from your device. Touch the map, and instead of looking straight down from above, tilt it, tap it or spin it to immerse yourself and experience the world in new ways.

The powerful mapping engine built into Windows does more than just display the detailed 3D models. Microsoft’s Map controls leverage our global database of mapping information to overlay street labels and place markers that dynamically adapt the 3D map to your vantage point. You can interact with the map to get additional information about a place, see what the view might be from a hotel window, or just browse the world as a virtual tourist.

To visit our 3D cities from your desktop:

1.    Open the Windows Map application 

2.    Click on the “3D cities” list found under the “…” menu in the upper right

3.    You can also type any location name in the search dialog to find interesting places

4.    Set the view to “Aerial”, zoom in and press the “tilt” icon to put the city at a 3D viewing angle

Example: Adelaide 



You can now explore 360-degree views of these new cities:


            •    Adelaide


            •    Graz


            •    Chateau De Chambourd

            •    Port Vendres


            •    Bielefeld

            •    Braunschweig


            •    Cittadella

            •    Paestum

New Zealand

            •    Christchurch


            •    Cascais

            •    Coimbra


Graz, Austria


Chateau De Chambourd, France


Paestum, Italy


To learn more about Microsoft Maps, we recommend you check out Microsoft.com/maps where you will discover we also provide multiple control software development kits you can use integrate our maps into your solutions.

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Fans of Marvel and the MCU may remember that the release of tickets for Avengers: Endgame did a huge number on cinema ticket sites across the US. Now it looks like Spider-Man: No Way Home has done the precise same thing, with fans online claiming both AMC and Fandango are down as a result of the demand.

The release of an NFT could be partly to blame. Earlier on Sunday AMC announced that the first 86,000 “AMC Stubs A-List, Premiere, or Investor Connect members” who purchased or reserved tickets for a Dec. 16 showing of Spider-Man would receive an “eco-friendly” Spider-Man NFT for their troubles. Hard to say if this had any impact on the AMC site going down, but it most likely didn’t help. AMC and Fandango didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Beyond AMC, the demand for Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets appears to be affecting almost every preorder service out there. Some users are reporting that other sites like Drafthouse are also experiencing difficulties. We’ll update when we hear more.

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