Windows into what matters the most

Here are eleven Windows 11 Widgets everyone should explore and enjoy. Listed in alphabetical order because we could never pick a favorite.

The Calendar Widget showing appointments

1. Calendar: Never miss a beat

Whether you need to schedule future appointments, check upcoming events, or just plan your day, the Calendar Widget lets you check in and glance ahead, so you never miss a beat.

The Entertainment Widget showing a featured movie

2. Entertainment: Enjoy the show

Your shows, new shows, shows you should be watching, movies, and more—the Entertainment Widget gives you a friendly and informative alert when they’ve been released in the Microsoft Store.

The Esports Widget showing scheduled games

3. Esports: Keep your head in the game

Curious to see who’s competing next or which team won the match of the moment? The Esports Widget makes it easy for fans, spectators, and Esports newbies to see all recent matches.

The Photos Widget showing saved images

4. Photos: Relive your magical memories

Whether you want to share pictures from a recent trip with colleagues, or just keep a few precious photos of your kids close by during the workday, the Photos Widget cycles through photos and images you’ve saved to OneDrive or other photo sharing accounts.

The Sports Widget showing a scheduled MLB game

5. Sports: Keep an eye on your teams

From current scores and recent results to other highlights, the Sports Widget keeps you updated in real time. Personalize it by changing yours to show your favorite leagues and teams.

The Tips Widget showing

6. Tips: Get helpful computer advice

Curious about your computer’s capabilities? The Tips Widget provides brief advice on all things Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge. Learn as you go, with bite-sized amounts of information.

The To Do Widget showing the items for the day

7. To Do: Stay on top of things

Easily create a list of tasks, be reminded of them in an intuitive way, and mark them off your list as they’re completed. The To Do Widget helps keep you on point throughout the day—like having your own personal assistant built right into your device.

The Traffic Widget showing a specific route

8. Traffic: Plan your route

Whether you’re commuting, running errands, or picking up the kids, get a quick look at traffic conditions with the Traffic Widget to help plan your route.

The Watchlist Widget showing certain stocks

9. Watchlist: Follow the stock market

Looking to start following the market? The Watchlist Widget monitors stock values throughout the day. And, just like the Sports Widget, you can make it yours by customizing which stocks appear.

The Weather Widget showing the weather forecast

10. Weather: Stay warm and dry

Need to know whether to bring a coat, hat, umbrella, or just yourself? The Weather Widget shares real-time weather conditions in your area, as well as the forecast for the following three days.

The Top Stories Widget showing a news headline

11. Top Stories: Get the news when you want

And last but certainly not least, stay up to date with recent news with the Top Stories Widget. This hard-working Widget aggregates headlines from a range of news sources so the latest news is always at your fingertips.

And that’s the word on Widgets

Whether it’s the latest weather forecast, basketball score, an upcoming appointment, or a breaking news article, Widgets magically keep tabs on the topics that matter most to you. Don’t have Windows 11 yet? Look into upgrading today so you can take advantage of all these wonderful Widgets.

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